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April 8, 2016

12804421_10154044504233854_1384504512_nWe have now filled all positions.

In addition to ongoing and extended external collaborations, we are interested in developing our initiative through close resident collaboration with researchers of truly exceptional talent that have completed first-class research in one or more areas related to merging these two fields.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Subject to available funds, we will open several more postdoctoral fellowship positions over the next 18 months. For updates, join our mailing list.

We are also able to support applicants for internationally funded EU fellowship programs and can work to develop a mutually interesting research plan that an application would center around.  In particular, we are keen to support Marie-Curie fellowship applications.

PhD Studentships

Top students holding an undergraduate degree or a masters degree can apply for admissions to the PhD program at the University of Malta.  The application for a PhD can be found here.  Non-EU students are subject to the following yearly tuitions.  Several different types of grants and scholarships are available here from the Maltese Ministry for Education.

Long-Term Visiting Studentship

In the past we have proudly hosted several successful long-term visiting PhD students, for durations of three-months up to a year and beyond.  These arrangements were made for truly exceptional students and in 2017 we plan to explore further openings along this track.

Information for Visitors

Some Regular and Past Visitors

  • John C. Baez, Center for Quantum Technologies and UCR
  • Sabre Kais, Purdue
  • Marco Lanzagorta, NRL
  • Seth Lloyd, MIT
  • Jason Morton, Penn State
  • George Musser Jr, Scientific American